AMA Life Member donates two mini enduros to AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Drives cross country with wife and dog to deliver motorcycles

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By Michael Marino

AMA Life Member Ken Gerard drove cross country to donate two mini enduros to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

The Folsom, Calif., resident drove with his wife, Cris, and the family dog from his home to the American Motorcyclist Association campus in Pickerington, Ohio to deliver the motorcycles.

Gerard poses with his 1971 and 1972 Yamaha JT1 motorcycles and his pet dog Naresh in front of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Both motorcycles are Yamaha JT1 mini enduro models. Gerard said he and his wife bought them on their way to a vintage racing event in 1994.

It took more than a year to restore each bike.

One of the motorcycles, a red 1971 model, required more than $2,000 in parts to complete the restoration. The second motorcycle, a yellow 1972 model, required $1,200 in parts.

Gerard said he worked at a motorcycle dealership in Sacramento, Calif., when the JT1 model debuted in the U.S. market in 1970.

He bought both motorcycles for a combined $495 dollars. Gerard said they sold new in 1970 for $299.

The motorcycles feature a 60cc, rotary valve, two-stroke engine mated to a four-speed transmission.