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Most motorcyclists in America—and around the world—are road riders. They operate street motorcycles on the highways and byways for work and pleasure or simply to get from point A to point B.

The AMA supports riders in many ways.

Advocacy: The AMA is your strongest advocate in Washington, D.C. Our freedoms are threatened by motorcycle-only checkpoints, fuel standards that threaten our warranties and sound restrictions that unfairly target motorcyclists. Behind the scenes, the AMA is also an important resource for state motorcyclists’ rights organizations and works hand in hand with them and local groups to defend against unfair state and local laws. Visit our Advocacy Center to see what’s happening in your state and around the country.

AMA Roadside Assistance: AMA Roadside Assistance covers your motorcycles, but it also covers your cars, trucks and RVs—not just for the member, but everyone living in that member’s household. This valuable service is available at no additional cost to members who purchase three-year memberships or elect to auto-renew their memberships annually. It’s paid for by the savings the AMA receives from not having to send expensive renewal mailings each year. Click here to learn more.

AMA LongRider Program: The AMA LongRider program is your chance to show other riders that your motorcycle is not a toy. It is your preferred way of getting around. AMA members are invited to “start the clock” on their AMA LongRider recognition right away by registering as an AMA LongRider today.

Discounts & Savings:  In addition, AMA member benefit partners provide AMA members dozens of money-saving discounts for members. These benefits can save you more than the cost of your annual membership dues! Check out AMA member benefits here.

AMA Events: For many, riding is all about having fun, and AMA-sanctioned rides, rallies, tours and programs are the best in America. Learn about the AMA Premier Touring Series and the AMA LongRider Program. 

AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook: View the many types of recreational riding events, including descriptions and rules. View the 2019 Recreational Riding Rulebook

American Motorcyclist Magazine: Through American Motorcyclist magazine, the AMA reports on government relations efforts, safety information, fun events for riders and exclusive money-saving member discounts. Choose between our street or off-road and competition versions based on your riding interests. Both editions are available online to AMA members here.

To learn more about road riding and touring, see the articles on this page or check out the latest street/recreational riding version of American Motorcyclist magazine. Not a member? Become a member of the AMA now by calling 800-AMA-JOIN (262-5646) or visit our join page.

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