Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series roars into Ashland County Fairgrounds

Competitors love racing their vintage motorcycles

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Story by Michael Marino

ASHLAND, Ohio — Randy Hassler sat patiently on his 1973 Yamaha MX360 as he waited for the 1970s Vintage 360 Class to take to the Ashland County Fairgrounds' half-mile flat track.

Hassler is a regular competitor in the AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series, which returned Saturday to the Ashland (Ohio) County Fairgrounds as part of 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Royal Enfield.

It was St. Louis, Mo., native Hassler's fifth time racing on the pea gravel track.

Randy Hassler. Photo by Michael Marino

"We don't have tracks like this back home," he said. "There's a great turnout tonight."

Hassler is a true vintage motorcycle enthusiast. He enjoys the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Swap Meet, brought to you by Federal Motorcycle Transport, and was racing two vintage motorcycles at Ashland.

"This bike I bought as a basket case," he said. "I am also racing a brake-less 1968 BSA 250 this evening."

The race at Ashland even attracted a competitor from down under.

Peter Lee of New South Wales, Australia, has been competing in the event since 2011. Now 61, Lee said this will be his final year racing.

"I have been racing since I was 17," he said. "Tonight I will be racing my 1979 Honda 500."

Colleen (left) and Peter Lee. Photo by Michael Marino

Lee and his wife, Colleen, have been splitting time living in Australia and the United States, so Peter can compete in the AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series.

"He's very good, but it still makes me nervous," Colleen said.

Like the other disciplines of racing that are featured at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, the flat track races at Ashland featured families racing as a team.

Ian Wolfe of Mansfield, Ohio, was waiting to get back on the track as his dad completed some last-minute work on a 2015 Honda CRF175.

Jeff (left) and Ian Wolfe. Photo by Michael Marino

"It's a family event for us here," Jeff Wolfe said. "Our whole family is here. We have two grandmothers here. We also go over to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to help out a friend who is road racing this weekend."

It was the family's third year racing at the Ashland event.

2018 AMA Vintage Flat Track National Championship Series Round 6 Results (Ashland County Fairgrounds, Ashland, Ohio)

V3. 1960's Vintage 250cc: Barry Baker, Ohio, Bultaco
V16. 60+ Vintage Open: Jack Warren, Mich., Rotax
V2. 1940's Vintage 750cc: Alan Rau, N.Y., Harley-Davidson
V4. 1960's Vintage 750cc: Eugene Quiram, N.Y.,Triumph
Veteran 30+: Brad Haas, Pa., Rotax
V8. 1980's Vintage 250cc: Johnny Bova Li, Ohio, Kawasaki
V13. Hot Road Vintage Singles: Richard Mellinger, Pa., Rotax
Open Amateur: Myles Magnusson, Ohio, Honda
V9. 1980's Vintage 500cc: Richard Mellinger, Pa., Rotax
V5. 1970's Vintage 250cc: Zachery Kerestes, Ohio, Yamaha
V10. 1980's Vintage 750cc: Duane Worden, Ohio, Rotax
V12. 1990's Vintage 1000cc: David Tyo, Mich., Suzuki
V14. Hot Rod Vintage Multis: Eugene Quiram, N.Y., Yamaha
V11. 1990's Vintage 500cc: Johnny Bova Li, Ohio, Honda
V6. 1970's Vintage 360cc: Dave Woods, Ohio, Bultaco
20. 250cc: Clarke Morian V, Ohio, KTM
V15. 50+ Vintage Open: John Vanderkool, Ohio, Rotax
450cc: Myles Magnusson, Ohio, Honda
V7. 1970's Vintage 750cc: Shane Livingston, N.Y., Yamaha