Professional Licensing


In addition to being members of the American Motorcyclist Association, competitors in MotoAmerica road racing events must hold an AMA/FIMNA Road Racing license. Licensing criteria and national number procedures are posted below. For questions about the AMA/FIMNA Road Racing license, contact the AMA racing department at (614) 856-1900.

Check your eligibility

2019 AMA MotoAmerica License Eligibility (Dec. 13, 2018)

2019 AMA MotoAmerica License Eligibility Questionnaire

2019 National Number Assignment Procedure for Road Racing

Apply for a license.

Click here for the AMA Road Racing License Application.

Additional forms

2019 MotoAmerica Doping Acknowledgement

2019 AMA FIMNA Medical History Form

2019 AMA FIMNA Medical Examination Form