Makoto Endo fascinates crowd with motorcycle art

Chopsticks and ink used for portraits

AMA News Author (no byline)

LEXINGTON, Ohio — Kneeling on the grass before a canvas, artist Makoto Endo dips a chop stick into a bottle of ink, then expertly begins laying down the lines that eventually will become the portrait of a motorcycle.

Makoto Endo at work.

Passersby during AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Riders of Kawasaki, glance at the canvas on the ground, then do a double take when they realize what is under way. Then they stand and watch for a while.

Endo made his first visit to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 7-9.

"I've been to motorcycle rallies, but nothing like this," he said. "This is great, size-wise."

Makoto Endo checking the details of a bike while painting.

A motorcyclist since the age of 16 and an professional artist, the 52-year-old Endo began painting motorcycle art about six years ago.

He said those attending Vintage Motorcycle Days seemed very interested in his work. Kevin Dunworth, owner of Loaded Gun Customs, had a portrait of his bike done during the event.

Makoto Endo discusses a portrait with Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs.

"We usually get most of our work after the event," Endo said. "People see what I do, then go home and think about it before deciding."

His work can be seen at