Three riders win AMA National Championships at 2019 AMA Extreme Off-Road Grand Championship

Lettenbichler, LeBlond, Gutish earn AMA No. 1 plates at Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout competition

The American Motorcyclist Association congratulates Manuel Lettenbichler, Ryder LeBlond and Rachel Gutish on their winning performances during the...

AMA EnduroCross National Championship Series kicks off Aug. 24

Three-round, American Motorcyclist Association-sanctioned series to use all-new event format

The three-round 2019 AMA EnduroCross National Championship Series features events in three states and is promoted by Tod Hammock of City Cycle...

2019 AMA Land Speed Grand Championship takes place Aug. 24-29

Hundreds of competitors take aim at land speed records on Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats will be alive with the sound of motorcycle engines once again during the 2019 AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, Aug. 24-29.

American Motorcyclist Association adds Motorcycle Shippers as member benefit partner

Company offers discounts to AMA members

The American Motorcyclist Association welcomes Motorcycle Shippers as a member benefit partner, providing AMA members with savings of $25 per bike...

Lettenbichler crowned AMA Extreme Off-Road National Champion at 2019 Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout

German rider bests 58 competitors for title Sunday

Sunday at the 2019 Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout started with 59 riders battling for one AMA No. 1 plate and ended with Manuel Lettenbichler...


AMA Press Releases

AMA Classic Grand Tour returns, offering another fun reason to ride

Take a ride, find a sign with 'AMA' on it, send a photo

AMA Press Release

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The AMA Classic Grand Tour, which provides a fun and interesting way for motorcyclists across the country to get out and ride, returns this year as the American Motorcyclist Association celebrates its 95th anniversary.

Featured in 2003 and 2009, this popular tour includes a challenge, while allowing riders the flexibility of picking their route and timetable. The goal is to find and photograph signs that contain the letters "AMA" in sequence.

The AMA Classic Grand Tour is just one of seven events on the 2019 AMA Grand Tour calendar.

"Many AMA Grand Tour organizers promote regional tours," AMA Recreational Riding Manager Heather Wilson said. "This one is nationwide. It can be done at your own pace on your own route, solo, with a buddy or with a group."

To participate, register at the AMA website, then get a photo of your motorcycle and your Grand Tour flag with a sign containing "AMA" and send the photo to the AMA, along with a photo verification form. Self-made signs do not qualify.

Some examples of words that fit the bill: AlabAMA, JAMAica, KalAMAzoo, PanAMA.

But riders don't have to limit themselves to city or state names. Any sign—business, park, billboard, street—qualifies, as long as "AMA" appears in sequence. AMAzing will work. So will thingAMAbob. Or catAMAran.

Each word may be used just once by each participant. That means you can't spend a weekend in Alabama taking pictures of state signs and win.

The AMA Classic Grand Tour ends Nov. 1.

Each month, the AMA member with the most submissions in that month will be featured on the AMA Grand Tours Facebook page (

At the end of the tour, the participant with the most points will receive a plaque and appear in American Motorcyclist magazine.

A $40 registration fee gets you entered at Other AMA Grand Tours are listed there, as well.

So, do some research, then get out there and find those "AMA" signs!

2019 AMA Grand Tours

  • AMA Classic Grand Tour: April 1-Nov. 1
  • AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour: Jan. 6-Dec. 22
  • SCMA USA Four Corners Tour: Jan. 15-Nov. 30
  • SCMA USA 15 Best Roads Tour: Jan. 15-Nov. 30
  • SCMA California Adventure Series: Jan. 15-Nov. 30
  • Tour of Honor: April 1-Oct. 31
  • SCMA 44th Annual Three Flags Classic: Aug. 29-Sept. 3

Industry Press Releases

Harley-Davidson launches new motorcycle models and technology for 2020

Debut of the electric LiveWire motorcycle and the return of the legendary Low Rider S model

New models, new technologies, and more customer choices are featured in the expansive lineup of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 2020.The new...

Motorcycle Industry Council launches initiative to attract new riders

Strategic plan to be revealed at AIMExpo in September

The Motorcycle Industry Council is launching a broad, long-term initiative to bring more people into the world of motorcycling.

2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will not include a motorcycle program while analysis for long-term viability is conducted

The Board of Directors of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb recently convened to review the 2019 event. It was decided that in order to...

Beta Motorcycle announces 2020 RR and RR-S models

The future has arrived

Beta is proud to launch the 2020 RR and RR-S models. These models are all new and represents a new generation for the RR and RR-S range.

Powersports trade and safety associations announce CEO succession plan

MIC, MSF chief Tim Buche to move to consultant role

The boards of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA), Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and...