AMA Service and Safety Awards available free to all AMA-chartered organizations

Each AMA-chartered organizer has the opportunity to receive one AMA Safety Award and one AMA Service Award at no cost if they order by Oct. 6, 2017. The awards are perfect for end-of-season banquets. The AMA has no involvement in choosing who receives these awards. The organizer may order additional plaques at $15 each. Organizers should present awards to the club members or volunteers who best fit these descriptions:

The AMA Safety Award—presented to an AMA club member or volunteer who continuously promotes rider safety and has an outstanding safety record for the current year.

The AMA Service Award—presented to an AMA club member or volunteer who has been the biggest asset to the organizer through their service throughout the year.

Since 1936, these awards have been available to AMA-chartered organizations. For many years, the award was in the form of a hanging banner. Today, the awards are plaques. 

Forms are available at > For Partners > Resources and Forms > Supply Requests and Logos.