February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Supporting The American Motorcyclist Association

Make the world a better place for motorcycles and the people who ride them

The American Motorcyclist Association is dedicated to protecting and promoting the motorcycle lifestyle, and is supported by its members and the generous donations of individuals, groups and corporations.

Your support makes a real difference, and there are several ways to be a part of the effort to protect motorcycling.


The AMA has three separate endowments that were created for the AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, government relations activities, and amateur racing. To contribute to one or more of these AMA endowments, contact the AMA at (800) AMA-JOIN, or send donations to: American Motorcyclist Association, Endowment Fund, 13515 Yarmouth Dr. Pickerington, Ohio 43147. Please be sure to designate the fund(s) to which you are contributing: the AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, government relations, or amateur racing.


Your tax-deductible gifts to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame help preserve and protect our motorcycling heritage and educate the public to the history and excitement of motorcycling. You can donate cash, appreciated securities, or even donate a motorcycle to be sold to raise funds for the Hall of Fame through the Cycle Donor program.

Donors are recognized in the Hall of Fame's Founders Hall and online. For more detailed information, click here, or  feel free to contact the Hall of Fame at (800) AMA-JOIN.

Heritage Clubs

Over the years, motorcycle clubs have been among the committed supporters of the Hall of Fame's mission. The Heritage Clubs program recognizes clubs both large and small that contribute. Learn more about Heritage Clubs.

Volunteering and staying connected

The AMA and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame relies on volunteers not only at AMA headquarters in Ohio, but at motorcycle events across the country. There are many ways to help promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. For a list of AMA volunteer opportunities, click here. To learn how you can volunteer at Motorcycle Hall of Fame events, click here.