February 5th, 2014 —
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AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship 

The AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship at Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Car Course on July 11-12 will crown AMA Vintage Motocross National Champions in a number of displacement- and skill-based classes for competitors on vintage motorcycles. The vintage national will run in conjunction with the  AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. For more information about events that are part of the AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship, contact the AMA at ahunter@ama-cycle.org.

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Competition rules are available in the AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook, on page 34 for motocross. Please make sure to read over the 2015 Vintage Motocross National Championship Supplemental rules.  More event details to be announced soon.

2015 AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship

Subject to change

**New for 2015 - National Championship Race Procedure

  • Optional Open Motocross Practice on Friday Afternoon. 
  • Each class will race a three-moto format starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday.  Overall results will be determined based on all three motos.
  • The top 3 finishers in all classes must stop for Impound immediately after the finish of each moto.  The winner in each moto should proceed directly to the podium for interviews and awarded Moto Medals. 

July 11-12, 2015
AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship
Vintage Motorcycle Days
Mid-Ohio Car Course - Lexington, OH

2015 AMA Vintage National Championship Information

Subject to change

2015 Vintage Motocross National Classes

2015 Vintage Motocross Supplemental Rules

2015 AMA Vintage Grand Tour

The American Motorcyclist Association is announcing the 2015 AMA Vintage Grand Tour, which will reward participating road riders for attending AMA-sanctioned vintage competition events.

"AMA-sanctioned vintage racing is expanding into new geographical areas, such as Arizona Cycle Park, outside of Phoenix, Ariz., and the famous Monster Mountain facility, in Tallassee, Ala.,” said AMA Assistant Motocross Manager Alex Hunter. “AMA promoters are increasingly embracing vintage racing, where racers young and old compete on bikes from decades past to relive old memories and make new ones. The competition may be more laid back, but it’s no less exciting, particularly when the atmosphere echoes the 1990, ‘80s, ‘70s and beyond.”

Hunter, who coordinates sanctioned vintage racing for the AMA, added that the $10 fee for a new-for-2015 optional Friday practice at the AMA Vintage Grand Championship will be waived for racers who compete in at least one AMA Vintage Grand Tour event prior to the July 10-12 event.

Learn more about the AMA Vintage Grand Tour HERE.