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AMA Member Tested: TwistedCore Compression Gear

April 01, 2014

Shelter Against The Elements

Summer Base Layer Shirt: $59.99
Summer Base Layer Pant: $49.99
Info: www.twistedcore.com

By Niguel Williams

At a glance, the idea behind TwistedCore compression gear seems counterintuitive. Designed for warm-weather riding, the base layers promise to make your ride cooler and more comfortable. “I thought layering was a practice for the cold,” you may think. Please read on.

I sampled the long underpant/shirt base layer for about 1,000 miles of touring, commuting (and walking) in Las Vegas, Nev., temperatures. TwistedCore garments are advertised to enhance blood flow, wick away moisture and improve airflow. The fabric seems durable and feels silky.

You can feel the different material patches compress areas such as the extremities. However, the panels, either in a sportbike crouch, touring upright or just walking, do not bunch up in unwanted areas. They are very smartly designed.

As for performance, while on the move, the sensation is like a mini air conditioner, making you feel cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. The airflow enhancements certainly work as advertised. Another plus: TwistedCore’s antimicrobial properties work. Your hamper (or you) will not smell like a gym just after football practice. 

If there are any caveats, keep in mind that you may be cooler than you planned just walking around. Also, in case you thought the gear might offer some moisture protection, it doesn’t.

The bottom line is TwistedCore’s base layer works as advertised. It kept me cool and relatively sweat free. Whether this is due to blood flow enhancements as claimed, I don’t know, but I did feel less fatigued. The gear is indeed comfortable, and its antimicrobial properties seemed to be “anti-smellular” as well.

There is now another option besides sports equipment companies when it comes to base layering, and because TwistedCore is motorcycle specific, it meets our unique needs. See, layering is not just for the cold.

Niguel Williams is an independent AMA Member Tester.

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