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VentureHeat Apparel

March 01, 2013

Enjoy Riding In All Four Seasons


Tom Berry

VentureHeat designs and sells heated apparel as well as heated therapeutic devices. I tested the 12-volt heated jacket liner and 12-volt Power Sports gloves. 

VentureHeat promotes its Xtreme Comfort Tech heat system, which uses pliable and flexible hair-thin micro-fiber heating elements. The technology is supposed to be less bulky compared to products that use traditional coil heaters. 

The jacket liner looks and feels like most nylon windbreakers, complete with hand pockets and water resistant shell. I notice the connector cords when donning the liner, but can’t feel the heating elements. As a liner, it fits easily under all my riding jackets. It is thinner than insulation liners and goes on and off easily with little or no sleeve bunching. There are zippered concealment pockets to tuck away the cords when you wear it just as a jacket and not as part of your riding gear.

The included controller uses a single button and is easy to operate wearing gloves. There are four levels, indicated by LED lighting, to select. The only inconvenience regarding the controller would be its location options. If you opt to place it in the liner behind the zipper, you have to stop riding and unzip to adjust the temps. You can route the controller so it sticks out the bottom of the liner waistband, but its still difficult to access while riding.

The gloves look like typical riding gloves. They have curved fingers, gauntlets, extra stitching and layers in the correct areas. They incorporate a wrist strap, which I like, and feel like a pair of medium-bulk ski gloves. Unlike the jacket liner, the gloves are easily adjusted while riding. One large button on the top of each glove controls the power and the three temperature settings. Each glove has its own control, so they can be adjusted separately.

The gloves can be worn and operated independently of the jacket liner. The power cord for each simply connects to the motorcycle battery terminal, and there is plenty of cord length for routing.

I’m looking forward to northwest spring, early summer, and fall mountain rides. The VentureHeat jacket liner’s weight and versatility will be just the ticket to take the edge off chilly morning temps and really enhance the ride.

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