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Trevor Kline shines at New Straitsville enduro

March 31, 2013

By Heather Wilson

The Moonshine Enduro, hosted by the New Straitsville Enduro Riders, kicked off the 2013 season on a blustery winter day. The temperature was in the low 30s and the wind certainly didn’t help.

Michael Jolly (HSB) attested to the cold weather, “It was cold so anytime we weren’t in the woods. Anytime we were not in creek or on a road, I was happy.”

The enduro consisted of 75 miles of riding, divided into seven sections.  

Wheelsports racer Trevor Kline (right) took home the Overall win on his KTM at the first race of the season. Kline dropped eight points, while second place AA competitor, Zach Klamfoth (KTM) was just one point behind Kline.

It was a tough break for Klamfoth when he burned the out-check at the start of section two. Klamfoth tied Johnny Barber (HSB) but Klamfoth edged him out in emergency check points. 

Barber took the third place AA spot and last season’s Overall A winner, Marty Kehlmeier (KTM), now riding AA, rounded out fourth place in the AA class.

Open A competitor, Michael Jolly (HSB), captured the Overall A win, was fifth overall and dropped 11 points. Jolly beat Billy Farmer (HSQ) out for the Overall A spot by emergency check points with Jolly having 932 and Farmer having 1114 e-check points.

Overall B went to a second-year ACES competitor and Open B rider, Aaron Cooney (KTM). Cooney beat Jordan Collins (KTM) by a point for the Overall B position.

The next race will take place on April 7 in Shade, Ohio, known as the Lost in Lodi Enduro.

In addition to the Race Report, check out the Bench Racing page with interviews and photos.

Additional photos available by visiting HeatherNWilson.com and viewing the blog page for the link to the albums from each race.

The Appalachian Championship Enduro Series (ACES) is a traditional time-keeping enduro series. The series organizers thank the following sponsors for contributing to the growth of the series and supporting the riders: CATON’S CYCLE CENTER, CLINTON COUNTY MOTORSPORTS, CYCRA, ENDURO ENGINEERING, FLY RACING, HUSQVARNA, JM CYCLE, KENDA, KRW CYCLES, KTM, LEATT, MOOSE RACING, OHIO MOTORCYCLE, OSBURN ASSOCIATES, POINT VIEW CYCLES, REMHERT’S KTM / KAWASAKI, SMITH’S POWER SPORTS, SPORT CYCLES, WESTERN POWER SPORTS and WHEELSPORTS.


1. Trevor Kline (KTM)

2. Zach Klamfoth (KTM)

3. Johnny Barber (HSB)

4. Marty Kehlmeier (KTM)



1. Cody Meeks (KTM)

2. Chuck Foust (KTM)

3. Shane Sims (KTM)



1. Mike Molnar (KTM)

2. Billy Weaver (HON)

3. Nathan Saving (KAW)

4. Tyler Chadwell (KTM)


Open A: 

1. Michael Jolly (HSB)

2. Tyler Jarvis (GAS)

3. Bob Heinzerling (KTM)

4. Jeff Johnson (HSB)


Vet A:

1. Billy Farmer (HSQ)

2. Rick McAtee

3. Brian Sovak (KTM)

4. Joe Uhrig (KTM)


Senior A:

1. John Grimm (KTM)

2. Mike Vancise (YAM)

3. Harvey Whitaker (GAS)

4. Wayne Perdue (KTM)  


Super Senior A:

1. Scott Klamfoth (KTM)

2. Mark Lederle (KTM)

3. Doug Rinehart (KTM)

4. Norm Into (HON)


200 B: 

1. Seth Littler (KTM)

2. Cody Hudnall (KTM)

3. Nick Fisher (KTM)


250 B: 

1. Austin Spencer (KTM)

2. Matt Kemp (SUZ)

3. Levi Exline (KTM)

4. Chris Bartone (KTM)


Open B: 

1. Aaron Cooney (KTM)

2. Jordan Collins (KTM)

3. Travis Jarvis (GAS)

4. Adam Clark (KTM)


Vet B: 

1. Mike Copsey (KTM)

2. Christopher Knight (KTM)

3. Jesse Short (KTM)

4. Kevin Carpenter (KTM)


Senior B: 

1. Kenny Hoyle (KTM)

2. Bryan Muscavitch (KTM)

3. Aaron Risden (KTM)

4. Charles Criswell (KTM)


Super Senior B:

1. Bill Green (KTM)

2. Jim Qualk (KTM)

3. Tom Gentell (KTM)

4. Jim Crowley (KTM)

Masters B:

1. Gary Spencer (KTM)

2. Allen Gale (KTM)


Open C:

1. Wayne Farnsworth (HON)

2. Kristoffer Reeves (KTM)

3. Justin Secrest (KTM)

4. Steve McAfee (KAW)


Schoolboy C:

1. Brexton Mitchell (KTM)

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