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Ponca City Motocross, an AMA Featured Event, kicks off today

July 21, 2014

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- Racing begins today in Ponca City, Okla., as many of the best motocross racers in the country converge at one of America's biggest amateur motocross events -- the Ponca City MX Championships, an AMA Featured Event -- through July 24.

Promoted by longtime AMA-chartered promoter RPM Sports, the Ponca City, Okla., amateur motocross event perennially features the country's top amateur motocross talent.

"Event promoter RPM Sports runs an organized, safe and exciting race, and Ponca City has earned its place among America's elite amateur motocross tracks," said AMA Motocross Manager Kip Bigelow. "Next week will see some of the country's most talented racers, making Ponca City an excellent proving ground for tomorrow's professional racers."

Allen McWilliams, RPM Sports founder and an elected member of AMA Congress, the independent rule-making body that ensures the AMA amateur rulebook is the fairest, most-comprehensive rulebook in the nation, said that he's proud to provide such a high-caliber event to showcase the AMA's top racers.

"Ponca City has proven itself year in and year out as one of the country's most-challenging amateur motocross events," McWilliams said. "We're pleased to race under an AMA sanction, giving us access to the AMA's consistent rules package, nationally recognized class structure and the third-party validation that are valued by racers, sponsors and manufacturers who pay event contingency."

For more information on the Ponca City amateur motocross race, see For more information about AMA-sanctioned motocross competition, see

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