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Trials riders enjoy great weather, challenging course

July 13, 2014

By James Holter
Photo by Halley Miller

The woods surrounding Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course near Lexington, Ohio, come alive with the sights, sounds and smells of old motorcycles during AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

On Friday at the event, harescrambles racers had command of the forest, navigating a flowing track that many called the “best ever” at the annual AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

On Sunday, trials riders get their turn, bouncing, sliding and turning their way through an expertly designed collection of sections across rocks, over logs and up steep creek banks.

Sitting under a canopy of maple leaves, David Nuzum, from Shinnston, W.Va., and Todd Miller, from Grafton, W.Va., just finished a winding section that took them through a creek bank, over several logs and across a bed of loose rock.

David Nuzum (left) and Todd Miller love riding vintage trails.

“It’s fantastic here,” says Nuzum, who is riding a 1974 Yamaha TY250 in the Vintage Factory Intermediate class. “I plan on coming here every year. There’s no pressure. If you do well, you do well. If you don’t, you don’t, and you come back next year to try again.”

Nuzum puts on his own trials events in West Virginia. He was introduced to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days by Trials Inc.’s Royce Klein. Klein, who passed away in January, was a longtime volunteer and supporter of the sport of trials and was instrumental in organizing past events at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

“Royce helped me, and I came up here to pay back the favor,” Nuzum says. “I’m really glad I did, too. You get on a modern bike, and some of this stuff is too easy. Vintage bikes bring back the challenge.”

Miller’s 1974 Suzuki RL250 was a “basket case” before he started getting it ready for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.

“I just put a brand new engine in it last week,” he says.

Miller, who is competing in the Vintage Clubman class, says vintage competition reminds him of when he was younger.

“I really like getting to ride the old bikes that were around when I was a kid,” he says. “I had one of these RLs when I was 18.”

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