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AMA Member Tested: Excel TWS-206 Spoke Torque Wrench

March 01, 2014

Professional Grade Kit

MSRP: $129.95-$149.95

By Kelly Huffman

I have been using the Excel TWS-206 spoke torque wrench to build and service motorcycle wheels. It’s a high-quality kit that, in the right hands, can produce professional results.

The tool comes well packaged in a compact plastic storage box. It includes not only the adjustable torque spoke wrench, but also a separate wrench to use while loosening spokes. This is helpful because the torque wrench itself should only be used for tightening to help maintain calibration. Also included as part of the set are eight of the most common size wrench heads, which fit a variety of spoke nipples.

The kit does not include specific instructions regarding spoke torque, but rather some general guidelines that cover most common applications. Your owner’s manual will include the precise spoke torque recommendations for your bike.

I used this kit to help build and true several wheel sets, which were used in the last Baja 1000. Being able to accurately torque the spokes is a tremendous help in setting up the wheels.

I have also used this wrench kit for regular maintenance and service on the wheels of multiple other bikes, both for on- and off-road use.

Spoke maintenance is often overlooked, yet very necessary on any motorcycle. It only takes a few minutes to check and adjust the spoke torque on a typical wheel. This helps prolong rim and tire life, and can prevent an accident caused by a broken spoke.

Overall, I am pleased with the build and function of the Excel spoke torque wrench. The tool is not inexpensive, but comes as part of a professional-grade kit that is well designed. Any mechanic would be well served by adding it to their toolbox.

Kelly Huffman is an independent AMA Member Tester.

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