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Safe Snow Plowing With Your ATV

January 31, 2014

Besides being a lot of fun to ride, ATVs are very useful machines. That’s especially true if your ATV is equipped with a plow. With winter coming, we wanted to cover some safety tips for plowing with your ATV.

First, conduct a pre-plowing inspection of your ATV, looking for loose hardware, worn components or damage. Correct issues before you plow.

Assuming your plow is already attached to your ATV, lift and lower the plow to ensure it is working properly. Note how far you can lift without stalling the lifting device or causing impact between the plow assembly and the vehicle.

Next, set the blade attack angle, skid height and blade pivot angle. If the snow is deep, plow several thin layers at a relaxed attack angle, minimizing the load on the plow and vehicle. Finish the job with an aggressive attack angle to leave a clean surface.

Also, plan your work. Make sure you know what is under the material you are plowing. Avoid impacting hidden objects. Be sure bystanders are aware of your activities and that they stay clear.

In fact, it’s usually best to plow the outer edge of the area to be cleared first. To plow a driveway, start by plowing the shoulder first. Move the snow to either side of the driveway. This will clear the shoulder and allow for the material in the center to be thrown onto the shoulder or over the material removed from the shoulder.

Plus, be sure to work smartly, stay under control and plow carefully. Plowing changes how a vehicle handles – its steering, stopping and stability. So plow with care and don’t rush.

When you’re done plowing, be sure to park your ATV on flat, level ground and set the brake prior to removing the plow. Inspect and maintain your equipment so that it is ready for your next use.

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