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Trevor Thatcher: 2012 ATV MX 70 CVT class champ

January 31, 2013

Trevor Thatcher taking a jump on his ATV.

ATVAonline: Congratulations on winning the 2012 title in the ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship Series, presented by Parts Unlimited in the 70 CVT class. How do you feel about that?

Trevor Thatcher: Very happy and excited. I worked harder for this championship than any of my others!

AO: Who were some of your toughest competition and why?

TT: The entire 70 CVT class! That class was so competitive this year and everyone was really fast, but the last half of the season I’d have to say that Peyton Zimmerman and Bryce Ford were the toughest for sure.

AO: How long have you been racing? Have you won any other championships?

TT: I’ve been racing for six years. Yes, I’ve won two Extreme Dirt Track National Championships along with 13 local and state championships.

AO: Why do you like motocross racing?

TT: I love jumping big jumps and flying through the whoops, and the intense competition, it’s what makes me happy. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.

AO: What are your racing plans for the 2013 season?

TT: In 2013 I plan on racing the entire ATV MX National Championship Series. I’ll be racing in 90 Mod Junior and 90 Production and I plan to push harder than I ever have.

AO: How long do you plan to continue racing the AMA ATV Motocross National Championship Series? 

TT: As long as I am able to and I hope that is for a long, long time.

AO: What do you do in your free time unrelated to ATVs?

TT: I wrestle for my school (Pike-Delta-York in Fulton County, Ohio), play video games, hang out with my friends and ride my bike and scooter.

AO: Who are your sponsors? Who would you like to thank?

TT: I would like to thank Fierce Powersports for building my quads, they always perform perfectly and look amazing. Harold Goodman, I can’t thank him enough. His advice is priceless and he is the best at setting up my shocks. Melissa Kufel and Joey Scarrow, they are so awesome!  They give me great advice and confidence when I think I can’t do something. ATV Outlaws for helping me train and practicing with me.

Sebastian at Elka Shocks for always making sure I get what I need and fast. Dee and Michele at Rage ATV, they are always there with encouraging words and allow me to come to their track in Texas to practice whenever I want. Haggerty Racing for supplying me with the nastiest 70 motors I’ve ridden.

Justin at Maximum RPM, he always makes sure I have the hard-to-find parts no matter what. My mom, My grandma and my dad. A huge thanks to my dad. He spends a lot of time getting my quads ready and keeping them running great. He is the best at clutching CVTs and without him I could never have won this championship.

I love you dad, you are the best!

AO: Is there anything else you would like to add?

TT: To all my sponsors for 2013—Fierce Powersports, Elka Suspension, Boysen, 488 Web Design, Harold Goodman, Rage ATV, ATV Outlaws, Makson Construction, Liquid Performance, Leatt, Hot Rods, Go Pro, Osiris, Eks Brand Goggles, ODI Grips, and any future sponsors—I will do my best to finish on top with all of your help.

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