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VNM Sports Gear

October 01, 2013

High Quality, Well Fitting Gear For Women Motorcyclists

MSRP: Top: $94.99; pant: $94.99

Rashmi TambeMy first thought when I tried on the VNM Sports Gear compression top and pants was that—finally—some high-quality, well-fitting gear was available for women motorcyclists. For those of us who have been riding for long, this is a distinct luxury.

The gear is made out of a nylon and lycra blended fabric imported from Italy. The base layer is to be worn under a suit to wick away moisture, amplify cooling and stabilize muscles to reduce fatigue.

The fit and finish were good, and the lack of seams was a definite plus. I thought the top was a little snug around the shoulders, but not too uncomfortable. The gear is also designed to fit a motorcyclist in a riding position, rather than a passenger. This is a common problem in commercially available women’s gear.

 For my test ride, I put on the layers and threw on a pair of loose shorts before putting on my touring suit (BMW Comfort Shell jacket and Motoport Ultra II Kevlar pants).

The compression gear’s claim to help cool the skin panned out. It was a typical summer day in Seattle with morning temperatures of 57 degrees. I even wished I had worn another layer over the top. The weather continued to be cold and foggy for at least the next 50 miles until the sun finally peeked out.

Through the rest of the day, the temperatures rose to the mid-80s, but I continued to be extremely comfortable even when I was stopped for extended periods of time. The base layer had also molded to my body and the tight sensation in the shoulders was gone.

 Wearing cooling summer base layers is still somewhat of a novelty in motorcycling outside of the racing and trackday world due to the general thinking that a skin-fitting base layer would make you warmer in spite of its claims to the contrary. It does work, however, as athletes in other sports can testify. I fully intend to wear these on some of my more epic multi-day rides in hotter climes.

As with most compression gear, the snug fit is designed to stabilize muscles and prevent lactic acid buildup. Although I wasn’t in a strenuous racing situation, I felt no ill effects. Another bonus? The relatively slick surface of the gear makes it easier to slide racing leathers on and off.

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