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VP Race Fuel

May 01, 2013

Get The Most Out Of Your Engine


By Jordan Long

In roadracing, we strive to find a competitive edge over our rivals, whether it is in braking, horsepower, more-effective gearing or suspension. Something you don’t want to leave out of this equation is fuel. Arguably, the best and easiest way to get the most out of your engine, whether it is stock or fully race tuned, is to run the proper fuel. One company built around that concept is VP Racing Fuels, which formulates and sells race fuel in a number of blends.

I had the opportunity to test VP’s MR12 and T-4 fuels.

The MR12 blend is easier to use and shouldn’t require too much tweaking or remapping. Depending on track conditions and weather, MR12 can almost be used as easily as pump fuel—but with more punch.

T-4 is a stronger fuel. You’ll likely need to remap for the best performance. If you have never mapped your bike or are unfamiliar with mapping, then you will want to go to your local performance shop for this step. Once you get the mapping done, you will see and feel the difference.

My first experience was with the MR12 blend. The fuel delivered a good, strong punch from the lower mid-range until almost toward red line. I then switched to the T-4, which offered a noticeable power boost throughout the range. I do not recommend using this fuel on worn-out tires!

Neither fuel caused inconsistent power delivery. It was relatively smooth with no unexpected dips or surges throughout the RPM range. In fact, consistency is another major benefit of not just VP, but any race fuel. It is much more dependable than pump gas, where sometimes you may not be sure what you’re getting, especially if you buy your fuel at different stations.

I can find no downside to either fuel, except for the obvious additional cost. Plus, once you’ve experienced what a quality race fuel can offer, it will be hard to go back to relatively inexpensive pump gas.

Of course, check with your particular series to make sure VP fuel is approved for competition.

Either MR12 or T-4 can be purchased directly from VP fuels at or from your local distributor.

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