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Shinko 777

May 01, 2013

Stick To The Ground With Shinko Tires

Dustin Edwards: Shinko (Sheen-Koe): Noun: Japanese/Korean tire manufacturer that produces affordable tires for your ride. Verb: to stick to the ground. 

OK, “Shinko” may not really be used as a verb, but it should be. As the owner of a small motorcycle rental shop, I’ve gone through many a tire. For my big cruisers, hard radials have always been a good choice for both price and longevity. Shinko’s combination of ride quality with its soft rubber compound along with the longevity of a harder radial has made Shinko an up-and-coming player in the tire market—and my new brand of tire.

The Shinko 777s soft rubber compound really keeps those tires on track and not sliding around—important for obvious reasons. The softer rubber also helps to absorb vibration and keeps road noise down as well. This greatly increases the riding experience over the harder radials. 

The 777s are noticeably softer than the radials, but the tires aren’t so soft that they wear prematurely. So far we have logged 9,000 miles on this set of 777s attached to a Vulcan 1500 with minimal wear on the front tire and a starting-to-square rear tire. I would estimate a total of 12,000 miles on the rear and close to 20,000 on the front based on a mix of long-distance riding and commuting. This is close to the same mileage we get off the harder radials.

Some of us won’t admit it while others will, but looks do play a factor in which tire we choose. Let’s face it, radials have many benefits but in the aesthetics category some are far from the top. Compared to many other tire manufacturers, the aggressive tread pattern on the Shinko 777s simply looks cool. To add a little function with fashion, the tread pattern is also great in the rain. The ninja-like cuts in the tread ward off water better than repellant on your visor.

While you should always check your owner’s manual before replacing radial tires with bias-ply and visa versa, if you’re looking for a great tire for the money, give these Shinko 777s a try. You might be amazed how noticeable of a difference they will make.

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