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Motul Chain Paste, Insect Remover And Hands Clean

December 01, 2012

Motul, Not Just Motor Oil

Eric Diehl: I’ve known the name Motul for some time, but always associated it with motor oil, not other motorcycle maintenance products. However, they offer a full line of products, including chain lubricant and cleaners.

My first test was with Motul’s Chain Paste. This isn’t your typical chain lube that comes in an aerosol can. It comes in a tube with a brush applicator for a tip, and is touted to be a lubricant that resists being flung off while lubricating. Like all chain lubes, it’s supposed to prevent rust and resist corrosive effects. The Chain Paste went on thick, and stayed put—no flinging off. My only suggestion to Motul would be to make the applicator a 90-degree affair, to make it easier to apply the paste to the chain rollers.

Next, I tested Motul’s Insect Remover, meant to soften and swipe away the hardened detritus of bugs that have given their all against your beloved steed. This is the only time I (briefly) yearned to ride through central Florida at the peak of Love Bug season, as that would surely be the ultimate test.

The Insect Remover works well, though I thought it is curious that its scent reminded me a bit of bug spray (not offensive, just suggestive). It is of a viscous composition when sprayed on, and I was skeptical that such an oily sludge would easily wipe off. I used it on both the forward plastics of my bikes as well as on my face shield. (Motul says it’s safe for plastics.) Though it did not wipe off quite as easily as typical glass cleaner—which I know I’m not supposed to use on plastics—it wiped off with a soft towel fairly readily, and I was impressed with the clarity of my face shield afterward. My only admonition is to have patience. Spray it on and go do something else for a few minutes—give it time to soften the hardened bug remains.

The product that I was most skeptical of—and impressed by—was Motul’s Hands Clean. It’s a modestly sized tube, 100 milliliters or just a bit over 3 ounces, and is promoted as an easy-to-carry, waterless hand cleaner. Such a small package could be easily stashed in one nook or cranny under your bike’s seat or wherever else, ready to work its magic after a gritty roadside repair in the middle of nowhere. 

I put the stuff to the test, rubbing my hands with a fair helping of Chain Paste, mixed with the grunge of my prior efforts in cleaning the KTM’s chain. My dubiety was quickly reinforced as I squirted a fair helping of Hands Clean into my palm and began to lather up. It was thick and goopy, and my initial thought was that I’d have to get out the garden hose to get the mess off, but the cleaner quickly thickened and dried then began to clump and peel off my hands, taking all the grunge with it.

In just moments my hands were clean and dry. I would have had no problem sitting down to enjoy a roadside snack after using the stuff.

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