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Decal Works Pre-Printed Backgrounds And Graphics

November 01, 2012

Decals That Stay Put

Jason Frank: Decal Works is a longtime provider of custom pre-printed backgrounds and aftermarket graphics for motocross bikes. The company offers a ton of stuff to help you customize your racebike, including sticker I.D. kits, apparel, plastics, etc.

Of course, Decal Works is not the only company doing this, and it can be difficult to see the difference between them and, say, Renegade MX Graphics and MGX Unlimited, especially with something as straightforward as pre-printed number-plate backgrounds.

Well, I don’t have anything against those companies, but I can say that Decal Works’ stuff does the job. It’s easy to install, looks good and holds up to abuse. Plus, the graphics fit the application. It may seem like a small thing, but aftermarket graphics often come up short in the fit department. Decal Works claims to have the best templates in the business, and it appears to make a difference.

The biggest pain with graphics, of course, is the installation. Although short of getting a pro mechanic to stick them on for you, Decal Works’ formulation works well. It resists creasing even for graphics amateurs.

I tested two variations of Decal Works graphics—the 22-mil gripper graphics and 19-mil standard graphics. In my test, the non-grip 19 mil graphics held up much better. The-22 mil definitely gripped better initially, but once the gripper material wore away, what remained began to tear. That said, I’m exceptionally tough on side graphics. I wear knee braces and grip my bike incessantly when I ride.

Overall, I was impressed with Decal Works’ graphics and pre-printed backgrounds. They held up well and looked dynamite. Plus, the Decal Works website made ordering simple and delivery was fast.

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