How you can help the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame


Your tax-deductible gifts to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame help preserve and protect our motorcycling heritage and educate the public to the history and excitement of motorcycling. The Hall of Fame would not be possible without the generous contributions of numerous individuals and companies. Donate today.

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For more detailed information on how you can help preserve our motorcycling history, please request a copy of our contributor's guide. Call us today at (614) 856-2222.

Matching Gifts

If someone offered to double your gift to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, you’d take advantage of the offer, right? Chances are you spend 40 hours a week with such a partner already, because many companies will match employees’ charitable contributions to worthy nonprofit organizations, such as the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. For more information, see the Matching Gifts Guide.


The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame needs volunteers for events across the country and at the Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio. Volunteers are an important part in keeping charitable nonprofit organizations, such as the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, running smoothly. Volunteer work could range from helping maintain our current exhibits to selling raffle tickets at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Find out more information about being a part of our efforts to preserve the heritage of motorcycling by calling (614) 856-2222.

Heritage Clubs

Heritage Clubs are those organizations that donate to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame on a club level. When your club becomes a Heritage Club, you will receive a beautiful laser-engraved walnut plaque for display in your clubhouse. A matching plaque will also be added to the Founders Hall in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. The Heritage Club Program is open to any group that is organized and publicly recognized as a motorcycle club -- AMA-chartered clubs and district organizations, and HOG, AMCA, GWRRA and ABATE chapters.

Perhaps the easiest way to make a donation and become a Heritage Club is to designate a portion of another fundraising event to the Museum. What better way is there to improve the image of motorcycling than to support the charitable organization whose primary mission it is to preserve, improve and promote the image of our community?

For more information, contact the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at (614) 856-2222.

My Hall of Fame

My Hall of Fame is a program that, for a $20 donation, invites participants to place a 3-inch-square photo on the wall of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame museum entrance foyer in Pickerington, Ohio. What you put in that space is up to you: your picture, your family, your friends, your bike, your company logo -- anything appropriate for public display. Larger spaces are available for additional financial support.

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Questions or concerns? Just call us at (614) 856-2222, and we'll be happy to help. Thanks, again!

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame is administered by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation. The AMHF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization devoted to the preservation of America's motorcycling heritage. Federal tax identification number: 31-1047849.