Here are a few of the classic motorcycles that represent the evolution of motorcycle technology – in America and around the world.
All of these bikes have at one time been on display in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, and some of them are part of the Hall of Fame’s permanent collection or are currently on loan.


Visit the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame to see what’s currently on display and read the stories of the men and women who helped make those motorcycles famous.


1894 Roper Steamer

A Hall-of-Famer's last ride

1905 Indian Single

One of the bikes that built Indian

1906 Harley-Davidson Single

The Bike that helped build Harley

1908 Indian Twin

One of history's first production racers

1911 Pierce Four

When two cylinders were not enough

1912 Indian Eight-Valve Racer

When two cylinders were not enough

1916 Harley Racer

The H-D factory team’s original weapon

1917 Indian Model O

The H-D factory team’s original weapon

1919 Indian Bicycle

Using bicycles in the motorcycle sales wars

1923 Indian Big Chief

Bigger is better

1927-'28 BMW R47

Second time’s the charm

1929 Indian 101 Scout

Possibly the best bike Indian ever built

1929 Scott Super Squirrel

Restored by Von Dutch for Steve McQueen

1941 Indian Military Model 841

The Wigwam's desert warfare bike

1941 Indian Series 441

The sun sets on the golden age of fours

1949 Indian Scout

Owner Greg Easly ‘stole’ a piece of history

1957 Lambretta LD

A stylistic icon of the scooter age

1962 Dick Mann's G50 Matchless

Remarkable mating of Mann and machine

1963 Husqvarna Racer

The origins of U.S. motocross

1967 Yamaha 250 Racer

Gary Nixon’s Daytona Winner

1969 Honda CB750

The Year of the Superbike

1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross

The bike from ’On Any Sunday’

1971 Titanium Husqvarna

A bike as trick as they got

1973 Honda RC250 Works Bike

Gary Jones’ championship-winning Elsinore MXer

1974 Rickman CR750

Powered by Japan, perfected in England

1976 Husqvarna CR360

The bike that put Husky in the MX record books

1976 Kawasaki KR750

Gary Nixon’s Road Racer

1983 Honda RS750

Bubba Shobert's flat-tracker

1985 KX250 MX Racer

Jeff Ward’s works Kawasaki capped an era

1986 Honda VFR750

Bubba Shobert's Factory Superbike

Dan Gurney's 1959 Manx Norton

The best of a British breed

The King's 1995 CR250

The bike that helped build a legacy