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How Many? How Strong?

Surveying the women motorcycling communityHow Many? How Strong?

There are two aspects of the term of empowerment. The first is to give someone power to act with authority, and the second is to promote self-actualization and its influence.

This survey is designed to examine both aspects for women motorcyclists and also co-riders (passengers). Here you can give voice to your opinions about what women riders think, need, and want. By contributing your thoughts and opinions through this survey, you can express your power, and show that your opinions -- and those of thousands like you -- count in the motorcycling community.

When you participate in this brief, 16-question survey, your personal information will not be shared, sold or marketed.

Please forward this survey link to all women who ride: street riders, co-riders, off-road riders, and racers. Our goal is to hear from all women with two- and three-wheeled horsepower!

You do not need to be an AMA member to take this survey.

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