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DC Insider: Motorcycle only checkpoints – a threat to motorcycling

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You may have recently seen the American Motorcyclist Association’s announcement that a bipartisan bill banning motorcycle only checkpoints is going to be introduced in the U.S. Senate.

Like many riders, you may have never been subjected to these discriminatory checkpoints. However, they are a threat to the freedom of all riders.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has argued that, to reduce motorcycle crashes, the agency “need[s] to consider any feasible approach” to reduce fatalities.

The AMA agrees that all approaches should be considered. However, common sense and empirical evidence has already identified a more effective manner to prevent crashes – rider education and motorist awareness programs.

As we noted in an earlier blog post, the federal, state and local governments have spent well over $500,000 on MOCs in the past two years alone.

This money could have paid the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course fee for 10,000 potential motorcyclists, been used to combat distracted driving or been invested – with federal matching dollars – in the current comprehensive study to analyze the root causes of motorcycle crashes.

Instead, the money was wasted on frivolous, discriminatory MOCs.

The U.S. House of Representatives has already introduced a bill to change this. Soon the Senate will be on board too. With luck, these two important bills will be passed quickly by their respective chambers, reconciled and sent to the president.

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