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DC Insider: Presidential proclamation celebrating our public lands

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The proclamation starts out with a celebratory flare:

Atop soaring mountain peaks, alongside bubbling streams, in woodlands and grasslands that stretch over rolling hills, Americans find inspiration in our great outdoors. Just as our diverse and rugged landscapes reflect our national character, the way we care for these open spaces mirrors our commitment to future generations. On National Public Lands Day, we celebrate the lands we share and gather to conserve our natural heritage.

It makes you just want to get outdoors and ride responsibly to enjoy our public lands – right?

Well, you may want to throttle back.

Unless you have been away from civilization the past week, you would know that our federal government shutdown on Oct. 1.

Why does Oct. 1 matter, and how is it relevant with the National Public Lands Day proclamation?

Oct. 1 is the day the proclamation was published in the Federal Register and it’s the same day our federal government shut down.

Imagine the irony.

The President proclaims a celebration of our public lands the very same day our government shuts them down and prevents you -- the responsible rider – from enjoying them.

It sort of defeats the purpose of a National Public Lands Day.

It is time for common sense to reign in Washington.

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