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Paying from both ends to support ethanol

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As of now, we know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requiring all consumers to buy at least four gallons of gasoline when they use certain E15 ethanol-gasoline blend pumps.

That’s the EPA’s solution to the effects of E15 on our motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle engines. 

We also know that ethanol production is subsidized by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

What folks may not know is that the USDA provides grants to gasoline storeowners to purchase these special ethanol blender pumps.  

That’s right.  

The USDA subsidizes the growing of the corn on the front end, and then subsidizes the cost of special ethanol blender pumps to sell the finished product on the back end.

Check it out, just search the Internet for “USDA accepts applications for blender pump installations.”

If this is the new norm, the AMA should request the U.S. Forest Service -- part of the USDA -- give the OHV community millions of acres of land, and then pay us to ride on it!

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