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  • May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

    May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. States around the nation use this month to educate motorists about recognizing motorcyclists in traffic, as well as encourage motorcyclists to be careful on the road. Check out the American Motorcyclist Association’s webpage that includes numerous proclamations and other information. You can access the page by going to

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  • American Motorcyclist Association ramps up 'Vote Like A Motorcyclist' campaign

    The AMA has ramped up its 'Vote Like a Motorcyclist' campaign with T-shirts, pins and posters to supplement its 2012 AMA Voter Guide.

    The national elections on Nov. 6 will set the tone for the future of motorcycling for many years to come. It's critical for motorcyclists to get out and vote to help protect their freedom to ride.

    During this political season it's important to remind fellow riders to think before they vote, and to vote like a motorcyclist. One way to do that is by wearing a 'Vote Like A Motorcyclist' T-shirt while out for a ride, hanging with riding buddies or while picking up parts at a dealership.

    It's also a visible reminder to non-riders and candidates that motorcyclists vote.

    Gear up with 'Vote Like A Motorcyclist' items at You can also show your support for the AMA by buying patches, decals and other great items by going to

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  • FIM Official Visits AMA DC Office

    Yesterday, Mr. John Chatterton-Ross, Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme's (FIM) director of public affairs, stopped by the AMA's Washington office. We met to discuss various issues affecting motorcyclists in Europe and the United States. The AMA's relationship with the FIM allows the AMA to better understand what may be on the horizon, so that we can better protect your freedom to ride safely.

    The AMA's Rick Podliska, the FIM's John Chatterton and former Sen. Wayne Allard,
    who is the AMA's vice president of government relations

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  • 2012 Voter Guide Coming Soon!

    As the election season heats up, the AMA is getting ready to launch its 2012 Voter Guide as part of its 'Vote Like A Motorcyclist' campaign. Today, I entered the data for three states and the District of Columbia. For more information about the campaign, go to

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