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AMA Freedom Friday celebrates the freedom that access provides

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It’s a simple word. It’s meaning is obvious, right?

You can get into a place. What else do you need to know? 

No need to give it a second thought. 

But, wait. Let’s think about it a little more.

There likely are some aspects of “access” you haven’t considered.

For dirt riders, access to public lands is a big issue. For street riders, access to parking is very important. But what about access to safe fuels? Access to health insurance? Access to communities controlled by homeowners associations? What about access to private property? Or safe highways? Or high-occupancy-vehicle lanes?

Some of those issues probably were already on your radar when you started reading this page. But all of them are vital to motorcyclists as individuals and to motorcycling in the long run.

We want you to be aware of these important aspects of access. And we want you to know that, at the American Motorcyclist Association, we think about access a lot. 

Much of the effort expended by our Government Relations Dept. is focused on protecting, preserving and expanding your access. 

  • We fight for your right to access public lands on your motorcycle or ATV with your friends and family. 
  • We press for access to designated motorcycle parking spaces in parking garages and along the curbs in congested urban areas.
  • We back public-private partnerships that resolve liability issues and open access to trails across private property for motorized recreation.
  • We urge legislators at all levels to ensure motorcyclists and ATV riders have access to coverage under a health insurance plan. 
  • We battle the ethanol lobby to prevent the expanded distribution of E15, a fuel that could damage your engines and void the manufacturer’s warranty. We are protecting your access to safe fuels. 
  • We encourage communities to provide access to urban off-highway-vehicle parks to give enthusiasts a place to ride safely and legally.

In short, “access” is not just a simple word to us at the AMA. We view “access” – your access -- as a precious commodity that requires vigilance, dedication and resources to gain, to hold and to grow.

So, on this Freedom Friday during AMA Go Ride! Month, pause and ponder the wide array of access issues that affect your riding life. Then hop on that bike and Go Ride!

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