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DC Insider: Do your homework on E15

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You don’t dispense different types of milk from the same bottle or run premium beer through the same tap as the cheap stuff.

So why are the pro-ethanol folks so intent on jeopardizing the health and performance of your motorcycle or ATV by promoting blender pumps that funnel their E15 and E10 mixtures through the same device?

And why are they fighting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to roll back the requirement for wider distribution and use of E15, when that fuel is not approved for any of the 22 million motorcycle and ATVs on the road and trail (to say nothing of your lawn mowers and other small engines).

Why do the ethanol groups push you to risk damaging your fuel lines, wrecking your engine and, very likely, voiding your warranty?

The pro-ethanol group can’t quarrel with our position, so they try to bait us (and you) with advice, such as “Read the label.”

We counter with this: “Do your homework.”

The AMA’s approach has been to educate our members about the current problems with widespread distribution of E15 fuel. So, by now, you likely already know that it’s a gasoline formulation that contains up to 15 percent ethanol by volume.

And you know that any amount of ethanol in the fuel can create problems for many vintage machines.

You know that the AMA has called for testing of the effects of E15 on all types of vehicles before the government approves wider distribution of the fuel.

And you know that the pro-ethanol groups are well funded and deeply invested in convincing federal officials to continue to help them expand their businesses.

The AMA helped stall the government-subsidized spread of E15 by convincing Congress to prohibit grants that paid for more blender pumps.

Now we need your help to convince the EPA to stick to its guns on this issue.

Tell the EPA that you support its proposal to reduce the total amount of ethanol required in transportation fuel nationwide in 2014. You can send a prewritten email to the EPA immediately by entering your information into the form below and clicking the red "submit" button. To send a Tweet to the EPA, click here.

For the latest information on the AMA’s efforts to protect your access to safe fuels, go to

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