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Paying from both ends to support ethanol

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As of now, we know the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requiring all consumers to buy at least four gallons of gasoline when they use certain E15 ethanol-gasoline blend pumps.

That’s the EPA’s solution to the effects of E15 on our motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle engines. 

We also know that ethanol production is subsidized by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

What folks may not know is that the USDA provides grants to gasoline storeowners to purchase these special ethanol blender pumps.  

That’s right.  

The USDA subsidizes the growing of the corn on the front end, and then subsidizes the cost of special ethanol blender pumps to sell the finished product on the back end.

Check it out, just search the Internet for “USDA accepts applications for blender pump installations.”

If this is the new norm, the AMA should request the U.S. Forest Service -- part of the USDA -- give the OHV community millions of acres of land, and then pay us to ride on it!

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  • E Porter 25 Aug

    What is the AMA doing to fight against the E10 & E15 ethanol additives that will cause terrible damage to our motorcycle engines?
  • Don Bahn 09 Nov

    I removed the carburetors from my 1980 BMW R100RT after 2 years of using E10, what a mess, the bowls have white corrosion growing in the bottom, the gasket is brittle. I bought the R100RT in 2000, I did the first rebuild on the carbs in 2009, I will have to do a complete rebuild after only 2 years using E10 before I can ride it again. My 1995 Ural has a 1974 R60 with R90 top-end, the carbs are from a 500 thumper, after 2 years of E10 They need to be rebuilt. I have found a fueling station with ethanol free 93 octane it costs a bit more, however the time and cost of materials to rebuild out weighs the added cost.
  • Terry 04 Apr

    This administration is out of control. If we used their logic the government should issue us guns. The extra alcohol is screwing with general aviation too. There are groups spending big money to outlaw 100 low lead. At 12,000 feet you need the octane. Some planes after huge expense with the FAA certification process can burn pump gas after de-rating performance. But not with alcohol. If the money spent screwing with us was spent on solutions we would all be ahead. Let the market solve the problem. All of us can be smarter than an over educated unexperienced bureaucrat that can't be fired.
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