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Protect Your Right To Ride… And Race

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Opponents of motorcycling are hard at work trying to take away our freedoms. They want to stop you from riding down streets, on public land or even in your own back yard.

Insurance companies want to jack up your rates and blacklist certain bikes right off the road. Officials want to shut down race tracks.

The fact is, motorcyclists face discrimination and the threats of discriminatory laws every day. Motorcycle-only checkpoints, for example, are happening now.

These attacks on our freedoms must stop.

As the nation’s longest-standing and most respected organization protecting your right to ride and race, the AMA is your toughest advocate for the motorcycling freedoms you deserve. But we need the political clout to fight for your rights, and we gain that political clout by having members.

A lot of members.

The more members we have, the more powerful we are. That’s because our only defense against the many threats to motorcycling is the strength we derive by banding together. Politicians understand strength in numbers.

We proved that recently with a landmark victory, when the AMA and our members played an important role in passing federal legislation that lifted the misguided nationwide ban on the sale of kids’ off-highway vehicles. Without the involvement of everyone in the riding community—from motorcycle and ATV industry officials to very young riders—this victory couldn’t have happened.

Our fight for motorcyclists’ right to ride and race continues every day.

For example, right now the AMA is urging federal transportation officials to end the grant program that gives states money for motorcycle-only checkpoints. These checkpoints single out riders and are discriminatory.

Officials claim they are pulling over riders and subjecting them to roadside inspections to promote safety. But if they really want to promote motorcycling safety, the AMA believes federal officials should be supporting motorcycle crash prevention programs.

We need you to help us fight for the rights of every motorcyclist. We need you to encourage others to join the AMA so that our strong voices are heard from the local village council all the way up to Capitol Hill saying: “Don’t take away our motorcycling freedoms!”

Encourage every rider you meet to join the AMA. Encourage every member of a racing family to join the AMA.

By joining the AMA they will help protect riding and racing. More members means more clout so we can fight important battles for all of us who love riding and racing, and for future generations.

Joining is easy. Just have them call (800) AMA-JOIN (262-5646) or go to

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