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  • What's in a road?

    What makes a good road?

    Tight twisties? Long sweepers? A straight shot to the horizon with mile-long vistas to match? Do you dig mountain routes, rolling hills or desert landscape?

    Maybe your favorite road is Deal's Gap with its 318 curves in 11 miles. Maybe it's the awesome cliff-hanging ocean-side views and generous lean opportunities offered up by the Pacific Coast Highway. Or it could be some little known slice of asphalt through some remote Appalachian county. Heck, it could even be all 2,400-some miles of America's Rt. 66.

    The point is a good road is in the mind of the rider. Beyond nearly universal positives such as perfect pavement and little traffic, we all have our own opinions on what rocks our rubber.

    That's why in preparing a feature for our upcoming April issue we need the help of our readers -- AMA members, who are the most die-hard riders on the planet. We've already collected the nominations. Now it's time to vote. So, click on over to our 2011 AMA Best Roads survey and let us know.

    Your road not listed? Hey, no need to keep secrets. There's a space to clue us in. (Don't worry. We won't tell a soul...maybe!)

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