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  • Ride aware...everywhere

    You'll probably have to wait through a 30-second Priceline commercial when you visit the below video on CNN's website (apologies...), but it will be worth it if the near disaster reminds you be more aware next time you're riding in traffic on your motorcycle:

    The video lacks audio, and the description is missing the "when" and "where," but the warning is timeless and universal to motorcyclists everywhere: Be ready for anything.

    In short, a semi makes an excessively sharp left turn through an intersection, cutting off one motorcyclist in the process, and proceeds to flip onto its side. Parked in the oncoming lanes are six motorcyclists (who were stopped, presumably, due to their own alertness because a green light is clearly visible). Although the video never finishes, the title's implication ("Semi nearly overturns on motorcycles") is that the crashing semi missed the bikers. Here's hoping it did.

    As the weather improves around the country -- and the AMA celebrates AMA Get Out and Ride! Month -- lets remember to ride aware. You never know when and where you might encounter a careening tractor trailer in your path.

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