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  • Does it get any better than this?

    This Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 8-9, is one of the original events on the AMA KTM National Dual Sport Trail Riding Series calendar: The Baby Burr National Dual Sport Ride in McArthur, Ohio. Put on by the AMA-chartered Enduro Riders Association, the Baby Burr was founded in the spirit of the club's better-known Little Burr Enduro -- one of the country's classic traditional enduros. Although the Baby Burr is a notch less extreme than its older cousin, on most years it ranks as one of the region's top pure trail rides. At its best, the Baby Burr can be truly epic.

    And this year is threatening to be one of the latter.

    The extended weather report is calling for sunshine through the weekend. Combined with the steady rains that have drenched Southern Ohio the past week or so, trail conditions should be perfect.

    Ohio certainly doesn't have the scenery of Colorado's Rockies, the endless hills of West Virginia, the brutal rock gardens of Pennsylvania, or the unreal landscapes of Arizona or Utah. But what Ohio does have -- in the hands of a forgiving trail boss with access to thousands of acres of private land -- are miles and miles of fresh, barely ridden, perfectly flowing trail that inhabit the sweet spot right between too difficult and too easy. The same Southern Ohio clay that defies hook up, coats your bike with 50 lbs. of dead weight, destroys your goggles and makes mountains out of molehills in the worst conditions, is Mother Nature's gift to off-road in the best conditions.

    Don't believe me? Point your bike hauler (or ride your dual sport) to the fairgrounds just north of McArthur on Rt. 93 this weekend and find out for yourself. It's going to be a good one...

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