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  • Cross training

    Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that motorcycles are for more than one thing. It’s no surprise, though. Racers race. Riders ride. Off-roaders go into the woods. Street riders stay on the asphalt. Sure, there are exceptions, but for the most part, we have our thing and we stick with it.

    Specialization is even more the case for pros. That's because most of them, to get good and stay good, have to practice. A lot. That leaves little time for recreation, on a motorcycle or off. The same goes for Iron Butt guys. When they’re slabbing through 500-mile days, or preparing for it, the last thing most of them have on their mind is a local motocross race.

    What all that means is that when we do get time to taste the other side, it tastes pretty sweet. That was the case for some of KTM’s top off-roaders recently who took an afternoon off to sample some of Southern California’s finest roads on the Austrian company’s latest street machines.

    As it seems to be the case these days, if it didn’t happen on video, it didn’t happen. Here’s the video…

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