Jan. 26, 2010

New Competition Membership Application Pads for 2010

To better meet the needs of AMA racers and organizers, the AMA will soon provide an all-new, simplified membership application pad for use at AMA competition events only. The new pad will reduce the time needed for racers to purchase or renew their AMA memberships at the track, as well as provide them a temporary AMA membership card with their permanent AMA membership number on it.

This means racers won't have to track a new membership with a temporary number or yellow receipt. First-time AMA Competition riders will be able to race under their actual AMA number from Day One.

The new membership application pads will replace those in circulation today, and can be used for AMA Competition memberships only. Renewing members are urged to update their membership before they head out to the track this year, as well as their annual release paperwork. Organizer services will begin issuing the new pads using the Supply Order Form beginning in March of this year. Contact Jacki at AMA Organizers Services with questions about the new AMA membership application pads: call (800) AMA-JOIN and ask for ext. 1261.

Congress Election Results

AMA Congress elections for the 2010-11 term concluded Dec. 31, 2009. Please go to the AMA Congress Delegate finder web page at: http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/asp/amaccess/congress/index.asp to check the results for your District. The listing has been updated with current information on elected delegates. All delegates have been notified of the election results, and a mailing will go out to them at the end of January with a full AMA Congress Delegate roster, credential applications and the full minutes from the 2009 AMA Congress. Contact your District Delegate for more information.

Please be sure to direct questions, comments, or suggestions about this and upcoming AMA elections to Dave Hembroff (dhembroff@ama-cycle.org).

2010 Sanction/Charter Forms Availability

Ensure the best possible service for your charter, sanction or supply order by using the most current AMA-provided forms. Forms have been updated for 2010 and are available for download from the Resources section of the AMA Organizers web site here.

At this time, the forms cannot be completed online. We recommend that you download the forms and fill them out to mail or FAX to Organizer Services. It won't be long before upcoming changes to the AMA web site will allow organizers to apply for charters and sanctions directly through the web. We thank you for your continued patience as we continue to improve our capabilities and provide better service to you.

Attention Motocross Organizers!

All MX event organizers must submit results electronically to mxresults@amaracing.com. Questions regarding submission format or requirements should also be directed to this e-mail address for fastest response.

Insurance Matters

No payment = No insurance. It seems simple, but there still seems to be a question in some organizer's minds about when payments for insurance have to be submitted to the AMA. The AMA Risk Management Workshop makes it clear that payments must reach the AMA offices for processing no later than 10 days prior to the insured event. What happens if payment isn't submitted on time? Again, it's simple: no insurance coverage. AMA Organizer Services must cancel policies and sanctions for any event that does not submit payment before the 10-day deadline.

Don't risk "exposure!" If you think your payment might come close to the deadline, call AMA Organizer Services to check.

What about an event that gets canceled? Well, where insurance is concerned you have a deadline there, too. Organizers must contact AMA Organizer Services via e-mail (kjohnson@ama-cycle.org), by fax (614) 856-1921, or by phone (800) AMA-JOIN, ext. 1256, 1241, or 1212, within 48 hours to report a cancellation. Failure to notify the AMA of an event cancellation within 48 hours of the event will risk your insurance premium refund.

And yes, you still have to send in the cancellation card.