2010 AMA Congress Delegate Elections: Procedure and Call for Nominations

To increase participation and maximize accessibility to the 2010 AMA Congress Delegate Election for all eligible AMA Chartered Promoting Clubs and Promoters, the AMA will conduct the elections electronically via the Internet. Using the services of VoteNet, the worldwide leader in web-based voting, the AMA will administer Congress Delegate elections in each of the 45 AMA Districts simultaneously, from Dec. 1 through Dec. 31, 2009. Eligible voters will be able to securely access the ballot created for their AMA District and vote for candidates online. The voting process is secure, fast, and easy.

A letter will be mailed in mid-November to the contact person for each club and promoter providing a link to the AMA/VoteNet election website, as well as a unique user name and password to be used by that club or promoter to access and vote on the ballots specific to their AMA District election.

Congress, Divisions, Districts, Delegates and Alternates: The AMA Congress consists of two Divisions, the Competition Division and the Road & Off-Road Recreation Riding Division. Each Division is comprised of Delegates elected by and representing the interests of AMA Charter Promoting Clubs and Promoters within each of the AMA's 45 Districts.

AMA Chartered Promoting Clubs and Promoters within each AMA District may elect a total of five (5) Delegates to the AMA Congress; three (3) Delegates, one of whom shall be a specialist in all-terrain vehicle (ATV) activities, are elected to the Competition Division and two (2) Delegates are elected to the Road & Off-Road Recreation Riding Division.

Delegates serve a two-year term. Terms are staggered to enhance stability and provide for continuity of experience. The Competition Division has at least one (1), but no more than two (2) Delegate seats available each election. The additional available seat shall be for a specialist in ATV activities. Only one (1) Delegate seat to the Road & Off-Road Recreation Riding Division is available during each election.

Delegate candidates receiving the second highest number of votes are elected to an Alternate Delegate seat and will serve a term concurrent with the elected Delegate.

Voting Eligibility: AMA Chartered Promoting Clubs and Promoters in good standing and granted such 2009 Charter no later than Oct. 1, 2009, are eligible to vote in the 2010 AMA Congress Delegate Elections. Each Club and Promoter may vote on the Division ballot corresponding to their charter type (Road & Off-Road Recreation, Competition). AMA Competition chartered clubs and promoters will vote for a Competition Delegate and an ATV Delegate (as appropriate). Road & Off-Road Recreation chartered clubs and promoters will vote for a Road & Off-Road Recreation Delegate. Clubs and promoters holding a dual-charter type may vote on both Division ballots.

Delegate Eligibility: Any AMA member in good standing is eligible to serve as an AMA Congress Delegate. Delegate candidates must reside in the AMA District they seek to represent.

Ballots: Each AMA District will have two ballots - the Road & Off-Road Recreation Division Ballot and the Competition Division (including ATV Delegate) Ballot - to be voted on by organizers according to their charter type. Eligible chartered clubs and promoters will receive a letter in mid-November with the Internet URL address to cast their vote, as well as their login name and password. These letters will be mailed to the AMA contact person identified on the club or promoter charter application. Chartered promoting clubs and promoters MUST ensure their contact name and mailing address is correct in their AMA charter record before Oct. 31, 2009, or risk having their voting information mailed to the wrong address.

Chartered clubs and promoters may request a paper ballot in lieu of electronic voting by contacting AMA Organizer Services before Dec. 1, 2009. All paper ballots must be notarized and received at the AMA offices by close of business Dec. 30, 2009. Online voting will close automatically on Dec. 31, 2009.

Nominations: Nominations are not required for incumbent AMA Congress Delegates as they will automatically be included on the appropriate Division ballot. Nominations for other candidates to be added to the ballots will be accepted on the 2010 AMA Congress Delegate Nomination Form (attached), which must be completed and returned to AMA no later than Nov. 13, 2009. Incumbent candidates may use the enclosed nomination form to send biographical information and pictures for inclusion on the electronic ballot, or may choose to send this information electronically via e-mail to dhembroff@ama-cycle.org. The cut-off date for nominations and additional incumbent information is Nov. 13, 2009.

Write-in candidates will also be permitted on the ballots.

AMA Chartered Promoting Clubs and Promoters may nominate candidates to the AMA Congress. A representative of the nominating club or the nominating promoter must sign the 2010 AMA Congress Delegate Nomination Form. The nomination form must either be notarized or accompanied by a formal letter of nomination on organizational letterhead of the nominating club or promoter.

Candidates may self-nominate. A formal letter of nomination must accompany the nomination form for self-nominated candidates. This letter must be on organizational letterhead from an AMA Chartered Promoting Club or Promoter within the respective AMA District of candidacy.