Responsibilities of Delegates to AMA Congress

AMA Congress Delegates are elected by, and represent the interests of, the AMA Chartered Promoting Clubs and Promoters within the Association's geographical AMA Districts. These clubs and promoters organize and conduct a wide variety of AMA sanctioned activities in accordance with the rules and regulations provided by the AMA.

The purpose of the AMA Congress is provided for in the AMA Code of Regulations, Article IX. Section 1. Purpose (of AMA Congress), which follows:

"There shall be an AMA Congress, representing the interests of the autonomous clubs and promotional organizations that conduct meets sanctioned by the Corporation, and such other representatives as the Directors of the Corporation shall from time to time determine."

"The AMA Congress shall consist of a Competition Division and a Road and Off-Road Recreation Riding Division which shall consider, promulgate, amend, interpret, and provide for the enforcement of rules and publications of guidelines pertaining to recreational riding activity and standard and pro-am competition events sanctioned by the Corporation."

"In addition, the appropriate division of AMA Congress shall make non-binding recommendations on rules and guidelines promulgated by AMA Competition Affiliates and Road Riding Affiliates as provided for in Article XII."

"In addition, the AMA Congress shall consider matters relating to general membership services and make non-binding recommendations thereon."

"The Directors shall have the power to review, approve, modify, and revoke any action taken by the AMA Congress."

In general, the AMA Congress has authority over the Association's rules for sanctioned amateur activity and may recommend policies and procedures related to membership services to the administrative staff and the Board of Directors. Final authority for all such matters rests with the AMA Board of Directors.

All AMA Congress Delegates are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the AMA Congress, convened to carry out the business and responsibilities of the AMA Congress, including consideration and promulgation of changes to the rules governing AMA sanctioned activities.

AMA Congress Delegates are not spokespersons for the Association. They do not individually or collectively determine policy, nor act as agents on behalf of the Association.

It is the responsibility of Delegates of the AMA Congress to:

Individuals who cannot conscientiously meet these responsibilities should not seek nor accept nomination for election to the AMA Congress.