Important Reminders Regarding Risk Management

April 13, 2009

Please be advised that AMA cards must be inspected before registering a participant in an AMA-sanctioned competition event. The cardholder must be a current AMA member in good standing. (NOTE: If you are no longer using the data card (onion skins) sign-up method, you still must verify AMA membership.)

Please review the Release and Guidelines waiver posted here  (PDF download).

We are still receiving incorrect waivers from organizers. If you have old release forms or forms from other insurance providers, discard them and order a new supply. Regardless of what Insurance carrier you use, you MUST use the AMA release and waiver of liability forms for AMA-sanctioned events.

If you are running a sanctioned practice day before your event, then an ambulance is required. You also must have the required flaggers in place for practice for this event. You should never have a practice without the proper staff or ambulance.

Some ambulance companies have dedicated personnel for the event, while others are on a stand by. Make certain that the ambulance company you hire is "dedicated" and will stay there the entire event. If they do have to transport an injured rider, you must stop racing until an ambulance returns on site. DO NOT run without an ambulance on the premises.

The AMA annual release program is working very well. Be sure to honor the cards and encourage riders to obtain the annual release. This is an essential tool for liability protection.

Some ATVA members may have a sticker that indicates an annual release on file. In the future, all members of the AMA/ATVA will carry the card as we phase out the sticker.