AMA Congress Delegate Election Ballots and District Organization Survey

November 10, 2008

AMA Congress Ballots Mailed: Vote! Vote! Vote!
AMA Congress Delegate Election Ballots were mailed this week to all AMA Charter Promoting Organizers (Clubs and Promoters). Instructions for completing and returning the ballots are included in the mailing. Completed ballots are due back to the AMA no later than Dec. 31, 2008. The AMA will announce election results shortly thereafter.

Q: Who administers AMA Congress Delegate elections?
A: AMA Staff.

Q: How will the 2008 AMA Congress Delegate election be conducted?
A: AMA Staff will be present and conduct Congress Delegate elections at the following AMA District Sanction Meetings: 3, 6, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 34, 36 and 37. Elections in all other AMA Districts will be conducted by mail-in ballot.

Q: How many AMA Congress Delegates are elected in each AMA District?
A: Five (5) Congress Delegates are elected in each AMA District: Two (2) to the Road and Off-Road Recreation Riding Division and three (3) to the Competition Division, one of whom shall be a specialist in all-terrain vehicle activities.

Q: Who is eligible to be elected as an AMA Congress Delegate?
A: Any individual AMA or ATVA member in good standing.

Q: Who is eligible to vote for an AMA Congress Delegate?
A: AMA Charter Promoting Clubs, AMA Charter Promoters, AMA Competition Affiliates and AMA Road Riding Affiliates may vote for AMA Congress Delegates in their respective AMA District.

Q: How many votes may a Club, Promoter or Affiliate cast?
A: One vote for each of the Delegate positions that are up for election/re-election within the respective AMA District.

AMA District Sanction Meeting Schedules can be viewed online at the following address:

AMA District Organization Survey Posted: AMA Organizer Feedback Requested
To assist with the ongoing review of the AMA District Organization Recognition Program, we have posted a survey online and are asking all AMA Organizers to take a few minutes to complete the survey.

To access the survey, go to

We appreciate your feedback and efforts! Questions regarding this bulletin can be sent to Cherie Schlatter, AMA Organizer Services Manager, at