AMA District Sanction Meeting Schedule Clarification

October 3, 2008

We have received several inquiries regarding the recently released AMA District Sanction Meeting Schedule and wish to provide additional clarification. The sanction meeting schedule announced by AMA is not a schedule of all AMA District Sanction Meetings taking place, but rather a schedule of those AMA District Sanction Meetings that AMA staff will be attending this year.

In the past, AMA staff has attended upwards of 30 sanction meetings a season, primarily to deliver the AMA Risk Management Workshop. Doing so has proven very expensive and is exceedingly taxing on an already stretched-thin staff.

Our investment in the online Risk Management Workshop was made in large part to alleviate the necessity for AMA staff to attend all the sanction meetings taking place each year. The trimmed down schedule will result in considerable savings to the Association, and our ability to place qualified AMA staff at those sanction meetings that we do attend.

This year's schedule includes 11 AMA District Sanction Meetings. The Recognized District Organization of each of these AMA Districts scheduled their own meeting and expressly requested the attendance of AMA staff. We have done our best to honor each of these requests given our budget and staff resources.

Various AMA Clubs and Promoters have coordinated sanction meetings within their AMA District in the past, and are expected to do so again this year. If your AMA District is not on our staff travel schedule, we encourage you to contact these Clubs or Promoters to determine if they have scheduled their own sanction meeting, and attend if you so desire.

AMA event sanction applications can also be sent directly to AMA Organizer Services.

Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to .