Guidelines concerning minors

July 24, 2007

An AMA club recently had an incident involving a minor working and racing at the track. Unfortunately, the minor was injured and legal action is now pending. However, we are pleased to report this club did it right and had secured guardianship papers for this minor because neither parent was expected to attend the event. This incident provides a good example of the importance of securing all required releases and statements. As a precautionary measure, AMA suggests all promoters and track operators revisit and familiarize themselves with the guidelines concerning minors.

The 2007 AMA Rulebook page 5, Chapter 2, section A 4 states the following:

No rider under the legal age of majority in the state in which the meet takes place may compete without written consent (signature on liability releases and entry forms) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the meet. An authorized adult acting on behalf of the parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized statement indicating they have been given the authority by the parent or legal guardian to be responsible for the minor during the meet. All releases and notarized statements must be forwarded to the AMA with the referee report and/or injury report. The parents, legal guardian or authorized adult must remain present while the AMA member he/she is responsible for is at the meet.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to provide the best motorcycling and ATV competition experience possible.