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Hall of Fame Press Release

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CyclePump Adventure Combo

May 01, 2013

A Convenient Way To Keep Tabs On Your Tires


Marc Sacco: Over Utah’s winter months, cold days and nights in the garage did not do any favors for the air pressure in my motorcycle’s tires. My tires were underinflated by a dismal 20 PSI when I checked. Thankfully, with the sun out of hiding, 45-degree early spring temperatures and dry roads, I had the perfect opportunity to test out the CyclePump Adventure Combo Package.

The kit includes a compact CyclePump Adventure compressor, an 18-inch braided hose and a quick-release locking air chuck. The compressor is compact, measuring about 2x4x6 inches and weighing less than 34 ounces. Operating instructions are thoughtfully located on the metal casing.

The compressor can accommodate four different power options via the 8-foot power cord: a cigarette lighter adapter, alligator/12-volt battery clips with a 15-amp fuse, a two-prong SAE connector, and a BWM-compatible plug.

The accompanying CyclePump EZAir Gauge offers an 11-inch braided hose, the same clip-on, locking air chuck, and an easy-to-read dial with PSI (and European BAR) measurements.

Operating the compressor is a snap. I opted to connect the cigarette lighter adapter to my truck and I was flowing air within seconds. I ran it for about 2 minutes, checked pressure and repeated until both tires were good to go. The CyclePump averaged about 6 PSI of inflation for each minute of compressor run time and was so easy to use, I found myself running around my garage hoping to find a low-pressure tire to inflate.

The braided hoses vastly simplify the air chuck connection process in limited spaces and can handle filling any tire rated up to 80 PSI. The CyclePump EZAir Gauge simplified this process when checking out the tires on all of my vehicles including two bicycles, an ATV trailer and a snowblower. Bumping a low tire up a few PSI is a snap.

I did discover during my marathon tire-inflating session that with repeated use, the metal compressor understandably heats up slightly. This doesn’t occur under normal usage, and in any case, a few moments of cool-down puts you right back in business. The locking jaw air chuck configuration takes some getting used to, but provides an airtight seal when properly connected.

Numerous advantages of the Adventure Combo Package include durability, a one-year warranty, a Velcro strap for securing wires and hoses, and storage bag for keeping all the pieces together.

The $120 price tag is reasonable for this durable and complete combo. Overall, this product is a very smart purchase. It is lightweight, compact, rugged and versatile.

Want to be an AMA tester? Email submissions@ama-cycle.org for an application.

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