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Round two of AMA National Youth Hare & Hound Series heats up

February 12, 2013

The following is an industry press release...

February 9th 2013 - Hosted by 4 ACES MC/GXE
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Photos by Mark Kariya
Round 2 of the Kenda/Flexx Bars/D37 backed AMA National Youth Hare and Hound Series saw some great battling and a huge shake up in the standings! With a 30% increase in ridership since the inaugural round last month and a convoy of Utahans pulling into the pits, the racing was top notch amongst the youngsters. The start wasbe much more important this round with much dustier conditions then the rain soaked course from two weeks prior.

The first race of the day started out with new comer, Trenton Thoneson, taking an early lead after he got the first kick start, stopped to make sure it was okay to go since no one else had started yet and then blasted off across the desert aboard his KTM 50. Round 1 winner, Cole Timboe, didn't let him get away, battling back and forth for the entire race. When the riders came into the lava rock section before the finish Timboe squeaked around Thoneson just to get passed back into the white flag. Timboe took advantage of the rocks again making the pass but this time holding a four second lead into the checkered flag. The five year old KTM racer maintained and stretched his point lead with Thoneson second and Logan Ferguson finishing third.

The pace definitely picked up for the final race of the day, adding three miles to the course and a much tougher final hill before the finish. 22 lighting fast mini racers fired up their engines at the drop of the banner and raced off into the desert. Utah's Kolton Christensen got out to the early lead with two more hometown friends, Braydon Bland and Benjamin Knight stuck on him like glue. The top five riders were so close you could throw a blanket over them. Both Bland and Knight eventually worked their way past Christensen and the three stayed just seconds apart the entire race. The Battle for fourth heated up between local Checkers MC racer Jarrett Megla and another Utahan Rebecca Stout when Megla's exhaust pipe would fall off after a crash in the boulder section. Stout went for the pass but ended up "side-hilling" it and was never able to get around. On the final lap Megla pulled into the pits letting Stout by but Megla was able to get back around Stout before the finish. The final finish had four Utah racers in the top five with James Thomas taking a hard earned win in the 85cc Junior class.

S MINI: 1. Braydon Bland (KTM); 2. Benjamin Knight (KTM); 3. Kolton Christensen (KTM); 4. Jarett Megla (KTM); 5. Rebecca Stout (KTM);

85CC: 1. James Thomas (YAM); 2. Mason Matthies (KAW); 3. Clayton Roberts (YAM); 4. Chase Guyse (KAW); 5. Donnie Heaston (KTM);

GIRLS: 1. Caitlyn Kurtz (KTM); 2. Taylor Olivas (VOR); 3. Amber Hoffman (YAM); 4. Nichole Calabrese (HON); 5. Catey Boyengg (YAM);

65CC: 1. Cody Glover (KAW); 2. Aidan Ferguson (KTM); 3. Mason Klein (KTM); 4. Cory Adkins (KTM); 5. Jesse Knapp (KTM);

50CC: 1. Cole Timboe (KTM); 2. Trenton Thonesen (KTM); 3. Logan Ferguson (HON); 4. Kaylee Marlow (KTM); 5. Talen Mather (YAM);

Upcoming Rounds - March 23rd Murphy, ID - April 13th Lucerne Valley, CA - April 27th Lucerne Valley CA - May 4th Jericho, UT - May 18th Jericho, UT

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