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Hanging Rock 200 keeps national dual-sport, adventure ride series rolling

May 17, 2013

This weekend, May 18-19, marks another great event in the 2013 AMA Husqvarna National Dual-Sport Series and AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré National Adventure Ride Series. The 17th annual Hanging Rock 200 will offer an exclusive tour of the Zaleski, Ohio, countryside with many routes only open to motorized access for this event. The hosting club, the Buckeye Dual-Sporters, has laid out a great course using twisting trails and remote back roads for an expected 300 or more riders.

This weekend’s festivities kick off Saturday morning. Riders have the option of riding 75 to 100 miles of trail each day, or a roughly 160-mile adventure bike route. Camping is available, and lunch is included with each paid entry. Pre-registration is not required. Bikes must be street legal for either the dual-sport or the adventure route.

“The weather is looking great for this weekend, so we’re expecting a good turnout,” said Bill Kaeppner, president of the Buckeye Dual-Sporters. “We are running four different route cards—a dual-sport one for each day and an adventure ride one for each day.”

Kaeppner said both routes will see a variety of terrain and difficulty.

“Saturday’s dual-sport route will have a lot of trail,” he said. “Sunday’s dual-sport will have wider trail and be an easier ride, but then again the creek bottoms and the moss on the rocks doesn’t care how wide the trail is. Plus, on Sunday afternoon, we have some trail that has never been used on this ride and it’s just beautiful.

“Saturday’s adventure ride is about 160 miles, and it’s a classic adventure ride,” Kaeppner said. “Sunday’s adventure ride is 145 miles, but we put some optional sections in there that for the adventure biker who looks for the gnarlier stuff, well, they will have a great time. There are bypasses for those sections.”

As with many events on the AMA Husqvarna National Dual-Sport Series and AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré National Adventure Ride Series, the Buckeye Dual-Sporters use the Hanging Rock 200 to raise funds for charity.

“Saturday we do the bike wash at the Zaleski Volunteer Fire Department,” Kaeppner said. “We ask riders to make a donation to get their bike washed. The club matches everything the riders put up. Last year we raised $5,000. We’re the fire department’s biggest individual fundraiser. In fact, we’re part of their budget. They count on us every year.”

Kaeppner said that there are a lot of incentives for the club to stay involved in dual-sport events.

“We just love the sport. We love riding,” he said. “It’s a good excuse to get out and ride. I would love to see some more younger folk involved in helping put these rides on. It’s really a lot of fun, plus not only do we help the firehouse, but we give back to the community. The more we do, the more access we have to trails. When we ask landowners if we can ride on their land, they know who we are, and that makes it easier for people to give us a chance.”

Scholarships are another way that the Buckeye Dual-Sporters give back.

“We gave away scholarships at the Logan High School and the Vinton High School,” Kaeppner said. “All the money we net on the events we run, we give away. Last year, we gave away $10,000 for everything. It’s to help the sport, and it makes you feel good.”

The AMA Husqvarna National Dual-Sport Series features the country's best-organized dual-sport rides. Run by AMA-chartered clubs and promoters, and sponsored on a national level by Seat Concepts, the events include miles of challenging trail connected by scenic backcountry roads. Although non-competitive in nature, the challenging, national-caliber terrain is designed to bring out the best in each rider. Participants in the AMA Husqvarna National Dual-Sport Series get a chance to win a Husqvarna dual-sport bike.

Geared toward riders of all brands of adventure-touring motorcycles, the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series includes incredible rides in some of the most scenic riding areas in the country. The series’ “High Adventure, No Hassles” approach includes plenty of riding on asphalt, gravel and two-track routes mapped by local experts, the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts and a full weekend of activities, including camping and bonfires. Participants in the AMA Yamaha Super Ténéré Adventure Riding Series will receive an entry in a sweepstakes to win a new Yamaha Super Ténéré.

For the full series calendars, see www.americanmotorcyclist.com > Riding.

Bill Kaeppner runs the riders' meeting at the 2012 Hanging Rock 200.

This Husqvarna rider enjoys the dual-sport route at last year's event.

Adventure ride entrants get entered in a sweepstakes to win a Yamaha Super Ténéré. Dual-sport riders get a chance to win a Husqvarna TE.

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