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Countdown to Election Day on Nov. 4, 2014:

Motorcycle-only checkpoints. Public land grabs. Too much ethanol in gasoline. Health insurance discrimination against motorcyclists.

There are a wide variety of issues on Capitol Hill related to motorcycling. And Election Day choices will affect motorcyclists.

That’s why the AMA Government Relations Department has put together a 2014 AMA Voter Guide for AMA members to use when deciding how to cast their ballots in the November general election.

But even going into the primary elections, motorcyclists should take stock of where candidates stand on motorcycling issues, and what they can do to help protect the future of motorcycling.

The AMA is a non-partisan organization and doesn’t make political endorsements. But it does provide tools to help its members make informed choices on Election Day and offers tips for getting involved in campaigns.

The AMA encourages members to cast their ballots and work on political campaigns based in part on candidates’ positions on motorcycling-related issues, as well as other issues of importance to them.

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Position Statments

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