Wyoming: Killpecker Sand Dunes OHV Area

Rock Springs, Wyo.

Boasting 13,000 acres for off-highway riding and featuring sand dunes that rise as high as 150 feet, the Killpecker Sand Dunes OHV Area near Rock Springs, Wyo., offers some great entertainment. The dunes are named after the nearby Killpecker Creek.

Managed by the BLM, part of the OHV area is an active gas field so riders are warned to stay alert for pipelines, storage tanks and valves. Off-highway vehicles are only allowed in the Sand Dunes Open Play Area since there is a Wilderness Study Area nearby where vehicles aren't allowed.

OHVs must comply with state laws relating to use, standards, registration, operation and inspection. There is no recreation fee, but you will need a $15 state ORV sticker.

For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management, Rock Springs Field Office, 280 Hwy 191 N, Rock Springs, WY 82901. Phone: (307) 352-0256, fax: 307-352-0329, or go to Wy.blm.gov.