Women Riding Videos

Public Service Announcements about Women Who Love to Ride

The women motorcyclists featured here embody the fun, excitement, freedom and camaraderie that is motorcycling. These videos, commissioned by the AMA and produced by MotoGeo, will inspire you to start your own motorcycling journey.

Road Racer Shelina Moreda

"Everyone is helping each other out and it's an encouraging environment..." Moreda says. "If I could give some encouragement to any females who are looking to hop on a motorcycle, is just to go and do it. Get rid of all the excuses and hop on a bike." View on Youtube >>

Moto Lady: Alicia Mariah Elfving

"It's about the journey. It's about actually getting there," Elfving says. "You can ride however you want to ride." View on Youtube >>

East Side Moto Babes

"On two wheels, I make every decision and that's super empowering and makes me feel so good," says one of the East Side Moto Babes members.

Another adds that, "some of the best relationships I have ever formed have been because of my motorcycle." View on Youtube >>

Motocrosser Sara Price

"This is a large part of who I am and always will be," Price says. "I can't compare anything to it... Nothing can compare to my dirt bike."

"I say get out there and do it," she adds. "You're going to appreciate it in the end... I guarantee you, you will have a blast." View on Youtube >>

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